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Rev5 FX Bug

Hey, I am experiencing an issue with the Rev5 in Rekordbox when using FX on both channels. Here's an example:
Let's say am using echo. have deck 1 playing with the echo FX switch turned on. Now on deck 2 if just tap the echo FX switch it will only echo while have the switch on. As soon as let go it immediately terminated the echo.

I don't think this is as intended because when using just one FX paddle it works normally. I will attach video for reference.


Andres Uriegas

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I am also experiencing bug issue with Rev5 FX.
If both sides are on "lock on" but only one side "FX SELECT" button is activated, FX still processes thru the side not selected.

I usually prefer leaving both side locked in and using the "Level Depth" knob on the channel FX is selected, but unable to do this, as I now hear the FX on both channels, even if not selected 

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