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Rekordbox: automatically relocate files & linking assets to database


As an user, I'd like Rekordbox to automatically relocate and identify missing or changed files.

There are a lot of posts/requests about relocating missing assets that have changed (filename/path), and I am aware of the current solutions like relocating missing files with "display missing files".

Rekordbox could be improved with 2 features that automatically keeps the database more solid, even if files are renamed, moved or changed in any way.


  1. For every asset imported, Rekordbox generates an unique identifier (UUID/UFID) which will be written to the ID3v2 of that asset.
  2. Rekordbox can deep search (from a user selectable root folder down to every sub folder) for assets by reading filenames and identifiers, thus keeping file locations automatically up to date.

These features will give users more freedom to re-organize their files, or easily revert from back-ups in case files are lost due to all kind of reasons, while maintaining Rekordbox's database up-to-date.



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+use this to detect duplicates (unique identifier == audio fingerprint)

+use this to create folders/files // DB iTunes like (user configurable)

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