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DDJ FLX10 sampler cue

I purchased a DDJ-FLX10 to replace my DDJ-1000SRT.  Unfortunately, I can't get the sampler cue button to behave the same as my DDJ-1000SRT.  I have the sampler set up in serato to output using the Auxiliary output (indicated by "A").  when i press a sample, i don't hear it on my headphones unless the sampler volume is up (in which case, i hear the sample out my speakers also, which i don't want because i want to cue it first and prepare it before sending it out the speakers).

in my DDJ-1000SRT, I can hear the sample on my headphones when the sampler cue button is engaged, even if the sampler volume is at zero).  is this a known problem?

i know that i can send the sampler's output to another channel (say channel 3) and cue it there, which works even when the sampler volume is down), but i don't want to burn one channel just for this.  I'm pretty sure that i should be able to cue/hear the sample on my headphones even when the sampler volume is turned down.  

Has anyone noticed this? or have any recommendations to fix it?  Thanks.


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I got my flx10 today, same issue.

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