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Help needed to connect XDJ1000 to Rekordbox for iPad

Equipment: 2x Pioneer XDJ-1000
Firmware: 1.13
iOS device: iPad Pro running iPadOS 17.0.1
Rekordbox: v4.0.4.11

Dear community,

I tried two scenarios:
Scenario 1: WiFi
I connected my XDJ's to my WiFi router and wirelessly connected using Rekordbox running on my iPad.

Scenario 2: Network switch
I connected my XDJ's to a network switch and connected using Rekordbox running on my iPad using a network adapter connected to the same network switch.

For both I get the current behavior:
1. I tap 'Connect to CDJ/XDJ/DJM' on my iPad
2. I get a prompt saying 'Connected to CDJ/XDJ/DJM'
3. I tap 'Rekordbox' on the XDJ
4. I select 'iPad'
5. I tap the selector to allow the connection 

However, nothing appears. No collection, no playlists, nothing.

Also on my iPad the prompt as displayed in the first picture stays.
And if I tap master or sync on my XDJ, it shows like that on my iPad.

I also tried using my iPhone to do the same but I get the same behavior.

Please note that if I use my iMac to connect using pro-link it works as expected and shows my entire collection and playlists

Any help is very much appreciated


David Anema

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I got the same issue with iPhone 14pro and iPad 10gen. and my assumption is that rekordbox for iPhone / iPad is not compatible with IOS17 yet. It hasn't been announced for IOS17 yet and therefore I believe PioneerDJ has to release an update for rekordbox to connect to the devices again.

Btw. I got an A9 and 2x CDJ-3000.

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Hi Frank,

That was very helpful. I tried with my old iPad which was still running iPadOS 16.3.1 and it connected and showed my playlists instantly.

However, the landscape mode isn't available anymore once you connect to the players. Meaning you can only get some information about tracks and have no access to the performance mode.

Not sure if that's a bug, but this way your iPad will just function as a big usb stick with a screen :)

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