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EVERYTHING is missing even though its right where i left it...

So.. first post ever on here, i'm hoping pioneer staff people read this cause y'all.

I'm quite certain the solution i seek does not exist... which for 2k USD for one deck, this "free software" in my opinion is kinda horrible.. 

Mixed in key 8 retagged the whole lot from the mixed in key 7 version...

Rekordbox can't seem to locate any of them and even when i find them manually i have to right click for "quick view" then it comes around.. which is fine for 5-30 tracks ok, no big deall.. but to over a thousand tracks? would take days if i'm lucky i'm horrible at organizing my "DJ music" (NOT the case with my ableton, which can find old re-named shit really fast too... so.. boo on you.. i guess i'll soon be using ableton full time..


It just doesnt make sence that there is no solution for a BATCH find or "refresh"??? its almost like you guys make this so difficult on purpose... its time consuming enough to go through all the new music i get, and focus on my other orts when i just wasted 2 HOURS trying to figure this out, renaming everything over and over hoping to hit the right combo but noooo... 

Its kind of cruel. 

John Almon

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