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Can't open rekordbox app - can I back up library from files?

Hi all, I've tried for hours to find a fix but can't! Basically my Macbook Pro has decided to slowly die, no apps will open and it no longer connects to the internet - it's 8 years old so no a major surprise and I can't fix it, nothing works in safe mode etc. So I have access to all my music, which is backed up on a external SSD. And I have an old library back up file from June. But was hoping there was a way to get the raw library database file and transfer this? To further complicate things I want to transfer this to a new Windows Laptop. Is this possible? I haven't been able to locate a specific library file or database in the app folder structures. Any help would be appreciated, I'm also wondering if I can copy the app files to a new Mac (without music) then install a fresh rekordbox, export the library, then take that output to the new pc?

Aidan Jones

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