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XDJ700 unresponsive on windowns rekordbox latest plus core subscription

I have switched back to pioneer only to find that i cant get any use out of rekordbox or the players when linked with PC. USB connected direct not through hub. even paid subscription and nothing. I left denon for this, fix my issue so it doesn't seem like i've made a terrible and expensive mistake.


Running windows 10

Core i7

16gb Ram

Will Hopkinson

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Could yu please explain what are you trying to achieve? Are you try to use the XDJ-700 stand alone (they are stand alone devices) or trying to use them with rekordbox performance mode or rekordbox export link mode? How are the XDJ-700 connected? LAN or USB. As you mentioned a USB Hub, is it a powered hub or not. Unpowered hubs may not have suddicient power from the USB bus and therefore wouldn't work.

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