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I have a similar problem. I bought a DDJ-FLX4 yesterday and I can't use its RCA outputs.
I'm using Windows 10 on an Asus.
In computer management there is a problem with the iAP interface when I connect the DDJ-FLX4. I'm using the usb-c cable that came in the box.
When I try to select the DDJ-FLX4 wasapi, it does not remain selected.

Can you help with the solution? I couldn't find any solution on the net.

See images.

Luis Aguiar

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OK, I already saw the solution to my problem. I had to turn on the microphone in Windows settings.

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SERIOUS? Just simply turn on the microphone in Windows? Today, because of this, my performance in a hookah bar was disrupted, and so I had to mix the tracks with the mouse in VirtualDJ, Karl! How do virtualbox and microphone in Windows generally depend on each other???

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