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"Now Playing" with XDJ-XZ playing from USB stick

Dear community and Pioneer (if you read this),

I'd like to enlighten my audience with details about current track that's currently on the deck, and eventually the track on other deck (which is typically just in queue for a smooth transition into). I know Rekordbox is capable of the EXPORT mode over LAN and also works well with USB, however I never succeeded to have rekordbox (and then "Now Playing" software) to get info about what I mix while playing from USB stick plugged-in the XDJ-XZ.

Why not to use Pro DJ Link? Because my tracks are stored on NAS at home, while the library is on the laptop, so when dropping a gig, I have the USB stick with me, not the NAS. Still, having a network-attached display in the club, where I would present "Now playing" would be nice.

Big events are leveraging professional setup using the ecosystem in FOH, enabling engineers to see the waveforms the DJ is playing to control visuals etc. My aim is smaller :)

Thank you!


Oldrich Matous

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Hi Oldrich,

You don`t need the export mode for it, Just  Pro Dj Link to send metdata to the PC:


xport your music and playlists to a USB stick as normal.

Connect your computer to your router / switch. Connect your XDJ-XZ using a LAN cable to the same router router / switch.

Install Now Playing on your computer and start it up. It will automatically start in ProDJ-Link mode."

I Hope this helps you

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