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Opus Quad: No audio signal until complete restart, anybody else?

Hi all, I just had a frightening moment with my OQ, luckily at home. I turned it on, loaded tracks and started to play them. The waveforms were moving as usual but there was absolutely no audio signal, neither on the master nor on the headphone cues. I checked the faders, the channel trims, EQ, filters, master volume etc. The volume LEDs didn't show anything, neither on the channels nor on the master although two songs were playing. 

Then I turned off the OQ, waited 30s and turned it on again. Reloaded the tracks and didn't change anything else and then the audio was working normally and the LEDs showed the signal.

Firmware 1.10. Unfortunately I didn't film a video which I would do if it happens again.

Has anybody else experienced this? Is this just a glitch or an indication that I need to have my OQ checked/serviced?


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I also own an opus quad and I'm encountering this problem very frequently with version 6.8.4 rekordbox, the thing that makes me so angry is that they still haven't released a firmware update perhaps with streaming direct play for beatport and not for force you to connect the PC


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I had this issue several times this week, sometimes a reboot does not fix.

Any news on fixing it?

Had it with friends xdj-xz as well as opus quad.

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