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DDJ-SR2 Driver for Mac OS Mojave

Hi, I'm a working DJ who has been using Virtual DJ with a Pioneer DDJ SR2 on a macbook pro running OS Mojave for many years now. I recently got a new macbook which is virtually identical to the previous one, but with more hard drive space and ram. I transferred everything on the previous computer via Time Machine backup.

Everything fine so far. However, when I open Virtual DJ it does not recognize the controller, and I cannot see it in the Hardware setting to select it. All searching online points to the driver being the issue, however I SHOULD have the correct driver since I transferred everything from my previous computer, which was working fine. However, I went and tried to re-download the DDJ-SR2 driver for Mojave from the Pioneer website and noticed it is not there. Is this the problem? Was the driver removed for some reason? I need this driver to make the software work with the controller. Any help provided will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

Brandon Duhon

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Ok so I figured it out, it was a Mac issue. As a default it blocks some sort of permissions, you have to open "security & privacy" in the system preferences (while your DJ software is on and the controller is connected) and it will ask you if you want to allow access to Pioneer. 

Just adding this info for anyone else who runs into this problem, since it seems there is not a whole lot of activity in this forum.

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