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NDI Output Integration

Dear AlphaTheta team,

I would like to express a suggestion based on my prior experience with Spout, which, unfortunately, did not fully meet my functionality expectations. It would be immensely beneficial for professionals like myself, who specialize in video DJing, if you could consider integrating an NDI (Network Device Interface) output feature into Rekordbox Video. Implementing this feature would not only make our work significantly easier but also enhance compatibility with industry-leading software such as Resolume Arena and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

The ability to stream video over a network with an NDI output directly from Rekordbox would open up new creative and operational possibilities for us VDJs. Furthermore, an NDI master output option would be a valuable addition, further optimizing our workflow and allowing for greater flexibility in our live performance setups.

I trust you will consider this suggestion, as it would have a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of our performances. I look forward to any developments in this direction and thank you in advance for your attention to this proposal.


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