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Unloading a Track from XDJ XZ

Hello i got a simple question loading a track into my XDJ XZ is very easy but how do i unload a track from either of the decks and also when i have turned Needle Lock off in the settings and i load a track it still says needle lock when i click on the display.

DJ Mindhacker

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Hi, I had this question as well and I believe there is no way, only in Rekordbox.

As for Needle Lock in Utility Menu, I just tried to set Unlock and it works good on my hardware. I play track, tap the waveform and it jumps there with no delay. If you didn't, give it a try with few Locks and Unlocks, and also check if you have latest firmware version. Not sure if there's way to reload the same firmware but I'd give it a try.


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