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Add "Playlists" and "Folders" to Intelligent Playlists Filters & add "and" to filters


I would like and think would be beneficial to have the parameters "Playlist" and "Folder" on the Intelligent Playlists Filter list. 

Because I want simply to merge 3 different Intelligent Playlists I already have, and I can't.
I cannot merge them using the "Mytag" or "Genre" filters because if I use those, I end up with tracks I don't want and/or tracks missing on the Playlist I'm trying to create. 

Tag Examples: Love; Smile; Dance 

Example > I want a playlist with tracks that have all those 3 tags AND tracks that only have the SMILE tag. 

Currently, I'm stuck with being forced to choose to only have tracks containing all of those 3 tags in the same track, or, all tracks containing any of those tags.

So I'm looking for a hybrid solution between those "all of the"/"any of the" clauses. 

That's why I also think would be much more versatile to have the option to choose "And" together with the "any of the"/"all of the".

For example I would like "any of the xyz" AND "all of the zyx" 

Basically repeating (the number of times the user wants) the complete instance of the filter process with an "AND" clause in the middle linking the different instances/stages/clusters.

In sum, the issue can be solved by implementing any of the two requests, however, I think both features would be useful. 
In this specific case maybe I would just merge playlists because it would be more straightforward, but for other cases, the "and" clause placed in between filter instances would be very very useful. 


Joao Fresco

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playlists in intel would be awesome, its the one thing stopping me from actually using it because my intentions were to do like ""add tracks from 2020-2023 that are in playlist "dance" and "club""""" so to speak and you currently can't do this

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