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Pioneer PLX-500 platter problem

My friend live in the USA
I live in Ukraine!
My friend made me a present:2xPLX-500(in box of PLX-1000)

I listen music in this PLX-500. When the song is finished I press START/STOP key,change vinyl,press START/STOP again,but platter is doesn't work(speed led,power led,zero tempo led is OK)
-this device is november 2106(PKHN002849NJ)
-second player is december 2016(but it still working) 
Help me please! 


dj_karpets Respondida

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Hey DJ Karpets, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, due to the regional product warranty, you're either going to have to send the PLX back to your friend in the USA for in-warranty service, or pay to have it repaired at a shop in the Ukraine.

Please contact Pioneer DJ technical support in your region for further assistance.

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