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Issues with WeDJ (iPhone) - pops in songs & stalls the Pioneer WeGo 4

I'm an absolute newbie to the DJ scene. I picked up the Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4 controller, and am using WeDJ as the software.

I've noticed a few major issues when it comes to using WeDJ.

1. This happens every single time: there are stuttered pops / static & breaks in the songs... as if the software is being taxed. I first thought it were the songs used, but that isn't it. I even downloaded a few other softwares (DJay 2, etc), and the songs play seamlessly on the other DJ apps.

Even when 1 song is playing, and I load another track on the other deck, the song that is playing starts to distort & pop.

2. From time to time, WeDj suddenly stops working. The songs, if already playing, keep playing, but the entire controller does not respond... not the tempo slider, jog wheel, Pad FX, nothing. I have to quit WeDJ, shut down the WeGo 4, unplug my iphone, & restart everything.

At other times, everything will work except for the PAD FX. 

I initially assumed it was a problem with my WeGO4, but I've been fooling around with the other DJ Apps, and none of them have given me any trouble at all. 

I've written to Pioneer, but they have not bothered to reply... it's been 2 weeks. 

Anyone out there facing similar issues? Any work-arounds? I really want to keep working with WeDJ if possible (I really like the effects, compared to the other apps), but there is no way I can use this app live for a paid show, as it really makes the songs sound like s***. 

Thank you in advance. 


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Which model iPhone are you using, which version of iOS is on it, and which version or WeDJ are you running?

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Did you analyse all your songs within WEDJ? Maybe it gets stuck because it is analysing the songs in the background

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@Stfan: yeah, all songs were analysed the very first time I used WeDJ (which took at good 20-30 mins). I haven't changed my playlists or deleted  / added any songs. When I add the songs, they immediately load (maybe takes 3-5 seconds), and that's it. Nothing else is being analysed.

@Pulse: I am using an iPhone 6, running the latest iOS (11.3.1). 
WeDJ version:

Sorry about that: should have included this info. in my initial post. 

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