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Mixvibes Cross DJ LE software issue

Hello everyone,

I am henrymclaurin. I am new to this forum. I have my own ICO Marketing blog which contains some videos, so i want to mix video like music.I have a Dixon MIDI Controller that accompanied the Mixvibes Cross DJ LE 2.0.2 Software. Beforehand, I could utilize this product without any issues-However-I am right now encounters a few issues. The controller is identified by the program as the 'Gadget not discovered' message does not fly up but rather the gadget isn't responsive (Software does not enlist any action made by the controller and neither do the lights come up).I don't have the driver to reinstall again as I have lost the case. Please help me with this issue.

Any help appreciated!!!


Henry McLaurin Respondida

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Sorry, that's not a Pioneer DJ software or hardware, you'll have to ask in one of their forums or a general DJ support forum.

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