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DJM2000 error 0004 (help!)

I need to talk to Gavin !!!

I have seen many posts where it helped to resolve 0004 error, but there is no manual or something. I tried to update from version to latest and did not fix it,

I need help!

I will be very grateful.

Our email: wm.tech@hotmail.com

Marcela Vieira

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1) Turn on the power of DJM-2000 while pressing [INST FX NOISE] + [LINK CUE] + [CH2 CUE] to launch it in "Checker mode."
2) "Checker mode" is shown on the LCD of the DJM-2000. 
3) Press and hold [MIDI] + [REMIX] + [MIX] over 2 seconds. 
4) During the update, "Checker mode USB download start XXXX" will appear on the screen.
5) When the update is completed, "Checker mode USB download end" will be shown there.
6) Once the above message is shown on the screen, cycle the unit. (turn off the power of DJM-2000 and then turn it on again.)

If the problem is not solved even after the above process, please contact Pioneer DJ technical support in your region to have the unit serviced.

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Hy. Can I get also the instructions for repair of init.error 0004? My email address is radu.darius@gmail.com.
Sometimes the mixer Starts and has no problem but when I switch it off and I live it for one week off it starts only after a few attempts but last weekend on Friday it did not want to start. Thank You.

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