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Rekordbox for Linux

This is in reference to a similar post "Why we need a Linux version of Rekordbox". The official response that was given was "Official comment: Sorry, there are no plans to develop a version for Linux, although I will note that it runs on OS X, which is, in essence, Linux-based."

This is an absolutely ridiculous answer. The fact that there's a Mac version is ALL THE MORE REASON to port a native Linux version. Mac is based off of Darwin and FreeBSD so clearly you're ABLE TO create a Linux-based version. I work professionally as a Senior Linux Engineer/DevOps and do IT Consulting for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu OS products and solutions. I would be more than willing to donate and volunteer my time to create a ported version to Linux if you can share the source code. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why it couldn't be done. I will volunteer my time to do all the work and all Pioneer would need to do is validate and certify it (or at least start with GitHub and get the process moving). There are a LOT of users looking for Rekordbox on Linux that I personally know and am associated with via online forums and user-groups. Please PM me to further discuss this or please set up a meeting with some of Pioneer's software engineers to discuss the possibilities of pursuing this. I'm willing to do whatever it takes because I need this solution as well as many other people.


PS - I have also tried WINE, PlayOnLinux, and CrossOver to get the Windows version installed on Linux however it's not successful. Even if it did, I would be concerned with performance and latency due to the Windows emulation layer.

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Creating a Linux version means broader support for not only the software, but also the drivers for hardware and its accompanying software.


Sorry, there are no plans to provide support for Linux for any of our hardware or software.

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how about track analysis under linux? 

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rekordbox does not work on Linux, and there are no plans for Linux support, as posted above.

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