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performance mode error 33

 i tried what was written but it said that the tool is expired


Rohan Gupta

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I don't see any other posts or tickets from you, can you elaborate?

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Hey Rohan, 

I hope you've solved the issue with Rekordbox DJ If you haven't here I have the Solution for Windows users:

1. Back up all of your session hot cue/memory loops and so on a external flash/hard drive as you will be erasing that as well.  Also back up your Licences.

2. Deactivate your Rekordbox licence by going to Preferences - Licence

3. Uninstall Rekordbox from your computer.

4. Go to local drive (C:)

5. Go to searchbox and type in (Rekordbox)

6. Your computer will find everything related to Rekordbox, 

7. Delete everything you found on Local Drive (C:)

8. Install Rekordbox again. 

9. Enter your username/password and then enter your Licences again. 

10. You can now enjoy RekordboxDJ again. 


I hope it works for you guys. 

David Cojulun -1 votos
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@David > That's a horrible solution, please don't post it again.

Pulse -2 votos
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@Pulse > Instead fo blasting someone that is trying to help, Howbout just coding your software properly or publically posting a fix so people dont have to waste their, and your time opening tickets for a common problem that has existed for years?

Harley Jones 1 voto
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