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DVS bpm fluctuations

1st off let me just say how poor this dvs extension to rekordbox is. I wish I had not even purchased it. I bought it 2 days ago and have not once been able to pull off a decent mix due to the bpm fluctuations on both turntables - something I now see most people are having issues with. Issues I've never had with serato or rekordbox

So how do I fix it? My spec is fine, my decks are newly serviced (1200mk5) I ran a test with 2 vinyl not timecode of the same bpm and set the pitch to zero and the tracks lock perfectly.

Try to mix any wavs with rekordbox dvs and bpm will continuously move from 124 to 123.8 - 124.1

I have set analyse tracks to normal (the tracks are not vinyl rips) and I am using the power supply with rekordbox So I do not burn cpu usage,

This is really annoying me the fact that this product just simply does not work and it's highly unlikely now I can get a refund as it's been opened and used.

It doesn't look like pioneer have really addressed this issue from my research. Bad look pioneer

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One of two things...

1) Your tracks are analysed with dynamic mode instead of normal mode, thus causing an irregular playback when it should be a consistent beat.

2) The vinyl you're using had an issue during pressing and should be swapped (you could try side B and see if the issue persists).

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I'm slightly confused, you said you never had fluctuating BPM with Rekordbox before but now you have? Or were you using CDJs/just laptop before this?

I've noticed fluctuating BPM before and report it so the engineers can keep looking at it. 

Luckily I don't do long blends and don't mind making slight adjustments on my turntable, as it helps to train my ears. But understand it can be annoying for some.

To say the product (DVS) doesn't work is exaggerating, if it didn't work it would not pick up the files from software. I would say it isn't tweaked correctly to handle these adjustments, Something Pioneer should  focus on if they are interested in improving their DVS. 

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Was this solved? Im having the same issues

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