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DDJ-1000 v6.5.0 - mapping for Traktor Pro 3 WITH JOG SCREENS

Update: v6.5.0 adds jog screens support using BOME.

2019 DDJ-1000 v6.5.0 - mapping for Traktor Pro 3 - DJ Estrela




  • This is the first mapping for the DDJ-1000 for TP3/TP2 with MixerFX, MacroFX, JogFX chains, padFX, Keyboard mode, Rolls, and a Preview Player.
  • All the most important modes are reachable with only two clicks without any shifts. Pressing the “mode” button will conveniently cycle the top-2 pages of that mode.
  • The jogs scratching and VU meters were optimized to be as tight as possible.






  • Traktor Version: This mapping is the same for both Traktor Pro 3 and Traktor Pro 2; the older Traktor version lacks the MixerFX and SlipReverse features.
  • DDJ-800/400: Large parts of this mapping will work on the DDJ-800 and the DDJ-400, but the situation is not ideal. This is because I don’t own these controllers and I only tested them in a shop. Please see the “technical info” inside the support folder for more info.


Known limitations / Caveats:

  1. Jog Screens: The screens are impossible to map due to Traktor limitations. These could only be solved by the developers themselves.

    However, MIDI mapping is possible using BOME midi translator Pro; a future version of this mapping will add this feature. The final result will be similar to DJayPro (demo). It will NOT have waveforms and pictures like VirtualDJ does (demo).

  2. Beat FX manual selector: the pioneer built-in effects - the ones on the lower right corner of the mixer - are only applied to Traktor music on the Master channel. For per-channel selection, they are replaced by Traktor internal effects. Only the external line-in inputs (eg Turntables, CDJs, Audio6) will have pioneer effects per-channel.

    As such, an effort was made to match the effects style where possible. In some cases these effects are not available at all in Traktor (example: Mobius / EnigmaJet). In those cases, the only way is to use the Master channel.

    More info: see 21:20 of the main support video.




  1. Dual USB usage: In Rekordbox there are extra provisions to the channels to be fully independent. This is NOT the case in MIDI mode (eg, 2x Traktor, or 1x Traktor and 1x DJayPro, etc). This means that users must be carefull to use ONLY their assigned channels, otherwise you will affect your friend’s channels. With this care, its perfectly doable to do back-tobacks.
    More info: see 23:50 of the main support video.

  2. Sync button: as of v6.3.2 this is now ON/OFF toggle again. A future release will support optional phase sync as well (useful for OLD, poorly beatgrided music)


v6.3.3 Update description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QKGQ_JUNXo

0:15 JogRing now shows the active deck; Blinks in jogfx mode

1:25 Backspins are now possible

1:35 Sync is now "toggle"

1:50 Fixes to cue monitor


3:00 Putting the screens to work

3:50 Files on the archive (including installation help)

4:50 USER REQUEST: traktor effects list suggestions


v6.3.0 Features / Demo:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkSJ9Ug9Zuk

0:30 5-minute overview of the most important features (Jogfx, MixerFx, Loops, Shift2, PreviewPlayer, ...)

5:50 The most-used pad modes are now accessible without any shifts (padFX, MacroFx, JogFX). Pressing "mode" twice cycles 2x top pages; pressing "left" cycles all 4x pages

8:40 Only the secondary pad modes now requires shift (keyboard, slicer, remix decks)

9:15 Memory button = second shift button

10:10 Vinyl long stop / vinyl break

10:30 Browser: preview player / browser / waveform zoom

11:50 Loops / BeatJump

15:00 How to correct loops by +1 beat

15:40 Beatgrid slide / adjust / lock analysis

17:30 TP3 mixer FX: flanger / time gater / crush / noise

18:41 How to change mixerfx list in preferences


19:30 MacroFX page1: wormhole, polarwind, flighttest, laserslicer

20:30 BeatFX shortcuts: T3 delay / flanger / reverb

20:51 MacroFX page2 (seven more macroFX)

21:20 Manual FX (non-automated). Use MST for pioneer effects!

23:00 Mobius FXs (=forever rising)

23:50 CAUTION: beware that USB selector does NOT stop USB mixer

24:35 JogFX in detail (combo of 3x FX on the jogwheels)

26:40 MacroFX in detail

27:20 PadFX in detail: quantized roll / Non-quantize roll / 3x padFX pages

29:30 Keyboard mode

30:30 Slicer mode

31:30 Slip reverse / reverse

31:40 2-deck and 4-deck automatic layout


Installation Instructions:

  • Please use the big "import" button on the lower left corner of the settings


  • The “support folder” now includes the old official Pioneer installation PDF for the DDJ-SX2. The manual installation steps are the same for the DDJ-1000.
  • Tutorial on how to import midi mappings in Traktor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Jw8VyzPrlQ&t=2s



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- v6.3.1 - March 2019 - Minor DDJ-1000 bugfixes
- Fixes:
- Cue monitor volume / Cue mix fixes
- Parallel waveforms: removed automatic promotion to advanced size (this would require an improvement on TP3.1 itself)
- Known issues:
- Provide option to either toggle Sync / Direct sync
- Selecting different FX should call save snapshot to ensure the same parameters are kept

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- v6.3.2 - May 2019 - minor changes requested several times
- Fixes:
- Play/Pause is now immediate "on press", instead of "on release"
- Sync is now toggle instead of phase sync
- Please note that "Set Master" still uses shift2
- added list of limitations, plus the old official Pioneer installation instructions

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- v6.3.3 - June 2019 - SpinBacks and Jog Ring
- Fixes:
- SpinBacks are now possible
- Jog ring now displays the jog mode: Constant = volume up; blinking = jogFX enabled
- added master info to screens
- added final official installation instructions for INTERNAL/EXTERNAL controllers
- URL:
- YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QKGQ_JUNXo

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this is now on v7.4. The changelog is huge:

- v7.4.0 - DDJ-1000 - Smooth Echo, Dual deck, Polyrhythmic loops.
- v7.3.0 - DDJ-1000 - Huge performance jump in MacOS. Central pad configuration
- v7.2.0 - DDJ-1000 - Advanced features shipped OFF, better MacOS Performance and reorderd Pad modes
- v7.1.0 - DDJ-1000 - Reliability and performance improvements
- v7.0.0 - DDJ-1000 - Mapping remade from scratch. 16x SuperKnobs, STEMS, Remix recorder, TTFX, Tempo range
- v6.8.0 - DDJ-1000 - Sepcific files for mac and windows
- v6.7.0 - DDJ-SZ/SX2/SRT - Migrated SZ to a single BOME
- V6.6.0 - DDJ-1000 - "CDJ-like features"

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