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Mixed playlist audio and video + adding video to tag-list

Still can't create mixed playlists - this is really annoying and I know Pulse has explained that it's about stopping DJs accidentally trying to export videos to a usb but surely there must be a way to make USB export 'audio only'. I don't have the video for EVERY song I want to play, but I don't want to have to flick between audio and video playlists each time to choose the next song.
I have to scroll a lot between my playlists and video-lists.
If you sell a plugin like this it should be better implemented in the software.
And it would be great to put videos in the tag-list.
Is there a shortcut to switch between the playlists and video-area?

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It's not yet supported, but it is on the way (I just can't disclose the launch date for it).

There's no shortcut available either, sorry.

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