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Rekordbox waveform is waving


I have a problem with my rekordbox software when I’ m using rekordbox DVS. The waveform is waving. When I change the speed of the track waveform doesn’t work properly interval between bars are different for each bar. The waveform has speed for old tempo and floating. But it’s sounds ok. It’s beat matched. I need to reload the track when I want the waveform working properly. This is very annoying. The same issue occurs on vinyl and mp3 control time code. Does anybody have the same issue? I’ve send support requests to Pioneer but they didn’t solved my issue yet. And their support is horrible. They said they they don’t know what is it, they ask me for few screenshot. Guy from support sad that their whole engineer team is on the vacation and they couldn’t help me now. I was training to contact them but at the moment they stopped responding. But maybe someone here could help me. My friend recommended me to switch to Serato. I’ve played few tracks using Serato and there is no problems like this with rekordbox. And my friend said that they also have great support. I’m attached too rekordbox but I need working and stable software that i count on.

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Yes, our entire Japan office was on vacation last week, so that's why you were told that.

As you have a ticket open with our support team I'm going to close this topic so our support does not overlap. Thank you.

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