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Stop analysis and revert tracks to previously analysed state

I have told Rekordbox to analyse my entire collection (just analysing key) but have realised this will take far too long as I need to use it urgently.

Whenever I quit rekordbox the tracks stop analysing but show up without a waveform when I re-open the program.

If I then click on a track Rekordbox asks me to analyse it again despite the track having previously been analysed.

Is there anyway for me to revert my tracks to their previously annlysed state? 

Nick Glascott Respondida

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Nope, even if you reverted to an earlier version of your database, that's just the database, the analysis files are kept separately. So unless you have a backup and could do a full restoration, you're out of luck.

You could disable the analysis by turning it off in the preferences, but you'd still need it to run the process if tracks are waiting for that to be completed.

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