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Toraiz AS-1

I want to use the AS-1 with Ableton on a macbook. I was wondering what type of soundcard/audio interface would I require? Looking for suggestions/recommendations. 

After some research,  "Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen" seems most appealing. Can anyone confirm if this is a decent choice/will let me use my AS-1 with Ableton on a mac.

Daud Nadeem Respondida

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It really depends what your needs are in terms of the i/o. The 4i4 is a very simple 4in/4out device with monitoring controls. As long as you're going to be doing the mixing for the majority of the channels you'll be outputting within Ableton, this would be just fine.

Just a heads-up though, if you ever plan on using rekordbox dj, we've had issues where users are trying to combine the Scarlett audio interfaces in their setup that can conflict, but once it's removed and only the Pioneer DJ hardware is in use, there's no issue.

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