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rekordbox 5.6.1 has been released - Sep.10 2019

We have released the new rekordbox.

Please download it at rekordbox.com.

rekordbox ver. 5.6.1 release notes


- Support for Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ streaming services.


  1. If you have already streamed tracks in the β release, re-analyze those streaming tracks.
  2. Charts of the streaming services are displayed in different order from ones on their web pages.



- More accurate Key Analysis and Phrase Analysis.

- Added an option to control Lighting mode using deck 3 or 4 when the RB-DMX1 is connected.

- Saving the Mood/Bank/Strobe status is now possible when the RB-DMX1 is connected.

- Performance Pad mapping when the XDJ-RX2 is connected.

- Track information in HID control mode when a CDJ-400/350/850 is connected.

- Autocomplete feature for Artist/Album in the track information window.

- The Data Added column is shown in the order of date imported.

- Lag when browsing.

- Video window is now labeled "rekordbox video" so that you can distinguish the video window from the main window.

- Message appears when uninstalling rekordbox fails.


- Jog Display of the DDJ-1000/800 was not cleared when rekordbox switched from PERFORMANCE mode to EXPORT mode.

- Certain models of third party MIDI controllers were not recognized.

- Sometimes the wrong line would be selected in the track list or tree view.

- Sometimes drag and drop became impossible while displaying the split screen.

- Sometimes sampler sequences were disabled.

- Some MP3 files were shorter than their actual length.

- Some ALAC files could not be played.

- Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.


Important notice to macOS Mojave or High Sierra users.

After the audio driver installation, rekordbox may not recognize the connected device if you do not allow the driver installation process at [System Preferences].

For more details please refer to this document.


Important notice for DDJ-1000 users.

We identified an issue causing audio to skip or drop out when Beat FX are applied to some channels such as Mic and Master.
Please update the DDJ-1000 firmware to ver.1.05 or later and rekordbox to ver.5.3.0 or later.




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