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EFX-1000 and RMX-1000

Quick question, and I may have already answered this. Signal flow with both units. So send/return from mixer...

Mixer output to input EFX-1000 - Output EFX-1000 - Input RMX-1000 - Output RMX-1000 to input mixer return? 

Would this be possible? Also any loss in sound quality?

Cheers, I'll experiment on my end. Just wanted to see if anyone has done this?

Angular Bliss

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All work fine on my setup.

DjmSend->RMX1000input->output->EFX1000input-.Output>DJM Return

Smooth as can be.

Signal levels all at 12o clock. Make sure you do set all leds as they should be. No reds on channels/master output.

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