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RBDJ 5.7 DDJ RZX Windows, latest everything. Powerful PC.

Hi guys

A few bugs for you:

1. Cue points are not saved in Export mode. When you play next song and then you go back to the one song you just placed a cue point moments ago, it was not saved, but when cue points are placed via the controller in performance mode, they remain saved.

2. Sound seems to have gotten worse. Feels lifeless, no punch.

3. Sound colour FX when re-mapped in RB, settings are not saved on the respective buttons. You need to go with the mouse and select it in RB and it stays OK during the session. Next time you restart RB and Controller you need to work with the mouse to reassign the button from the pull down menu.

4. Displays gets switched off sometimes. They end up in Midi mode, you see nothing anymore. You tremble glued to the laptop in hope it won't die on you, too.

So I guess we need a new release asap.

Thank you




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