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SuperDuper issue

So strange! I'm running latest RB on Mac Mojave. Have 2 SanDisk 250GB USB drives. I've successfully used both drives in past. I recently lost a drive and bought replacement.

Rather than manually copy playlists thru RB to new drive, i used SuperDuper to clone the drive. SuperDuper did it's thing and i verified by loading into CDJ2000NXS2. Everything was fine. 

I then placed new USB drive into Mac and opened RB. That's when the problems started. 

New USB could not be found in RB even though it showed on desktop. Rebooted, repaired, no joy. 

Got old USB and it too would not be recognized. *sigh*

Reformatted both drives, transfered playlist and made a master. Used SuperDuper again. Same result. Both drives show on desktop, have files, etc but will not be recognized by RB. 

So...reformatting again and manually copying playlists thru RB and staying away from SuperDuper. 

Anyone else have this issue?

van den Dries

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Did the drive get formatted to FAT32 with MBR, or HFS+, either with a single partition?

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