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DJM Rec Compatibility

Not good enough Pioneer. I`ve spent 6 grand on a Pioneer DJ set up (CDJ Nexus 2`s and DJM 900 Nexus 2) and was happy until my iphone(ent up the creek, so I purchased a new iphone 11 pro max on an 80 quid a month contract, mainly so I could continue using the DJM Rec app, to discover it doesn`t work with the app. After shelling out so much money, Ifeel really disappointed especially as this information wasn`t freely available regarding the lack of compatibility, I had to really search for it after I discovered I had a problem. I see many peoples posts remmain unanswered and we as customers are still unclear as to when  teh update/patch will be available. Very poor customer service, Apple just as bad, seems like all the big companies don`t really care too much about their customers at all IMO... 

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This is due to changes made in iOS13 - it was an unforeseen change that made our app malfunction and our team is working to update it. I'm sorry it's not working, but we don't have a timeline and appreciate your patience.

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