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Send / Return / Booth as valid output

Hey Guys - Massive N00b question here,

Last night I played a gig where they had Cannon jacks (i.e. jacks you would plug a guitar into) that I had to plug into. I plugged into their system, and then into the 'Send' ports on my DJM800. Nothing! Tried return and got nothing. Finally plugged into Booth and got something, however it was so quiet it sounded terrible.

My question is, is there some other switches or settings that I have to confirm to allow cannon jacks to work? Note that RCA and XLR ports work just fine.

Cheers Lads - Scott.

Scott Eyles Respondida

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The SEND connections are specifically intended to be used with the RETURN loop; it's an auxiliary FX loop, not for use as a solo output.

The Booth output is controlled through the booth volume knob, and again, not intended as the master output.

Your best bet is to get XLR to TRS cables or adapters and use those proper outputs.

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