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Djm Rec app

What’s going on with the DJM REC app and compatibility issues with iOS 13 I have used this app daily with my NXS2 setup with IOS 12 faultlessly for months. How does Pioneer as a leading brand unforsee such a cock up, this has massively impacted my DJ workflow now it’s useless complete malfunction. Before the ease and fluency within workflow this app offered, high quality stuff and recordings were amazing and easy to store/navigate to online storage etc.. iOS 13 comes along and ruins the party I paid my 10.99 for this app expecting the ability to use it daily like I previously said. I’m a working DJ I record stuff that’s why I paid the 10.99. Why has Pioneer not clearly stated online, forums? social media’s? Main website? this app won’t work with IOS 13? I’m sure hundreds have paid the 10.99 to then realise it’s completely useless and will always malfunction with IOS 13. People do not make the mistake of purchasing this app at 10.99 even on the App Store even there it says nothing whatsoever about the issues with IOS 13? Does Apple know about this issue lads? Pretty sure that’s thievery. why is Pioneer not posting regular daily updates on this very important issue with the DJM REC app through all available channels I feel properly mugged right off now and it’s not on. Post some updates to the paying bloody customers please. It’s all good and well pioneer yourselves vaguely answering this question on this forum that’s what I expect but you really need to post updates on a wider scale about this issue. We all paid, sort it out
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It hasn't been months, and our team is working on the update. We don't currently have a timeline, but please watch the app store for update availability. Thank you for your patience.

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