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DJM 250 Trakor DVS Issues

Hi - I bought a DJM 250 Mk2 (pre-owned) and I am trying to get DVS to work but when I play the time encoded NI vinyl, nothing happens. I believe all is setup as required but I cannot get anything to work. I do not own a licence to rekordbox or DVS but I own traktor 3 (and 2 scratch) . Do i need a licence for rekordbox dvs to use it with traktor 3?

Here's all my setup below


I have noticed that when I open the setting below the phono settings are greyed out but when I open reckordbox demo these options are black text - see the screenshots below. 


Anyone got any suggestions - I don't really want to buy any more software when I am happy with what I've got.



Ben Williams

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Hi, yeah - it was sold on eBay as mixer only. I can contact and ask if they have a license but I doubt they'll send it. I've tried the steps listed already.

Anything else I could try? Thanks

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