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Djm nxs2 and ios13 (iphone)

So I posted yesterday about issues I’m having with iOS 13 iPhone and pioneer djmnxs2 compatibility. So it’s pretty common knowledge now that pioneer is in the background apparently working on a fix for the compatibility with the DJM-REC app. Today I connected iPhone to mixers usb slot as normal to record a video set instead but now after playback I’ve realised the audio captured is from the iphones mic. Anyone know anymore if IOS 13 is the cause of this I’ve never had either of these problems with earlier IOS releases now I can’t do shit with the DjMnxs2 usb connection it’s been rendered completely useless since I updated to IOS 13. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the video record problem also now, I’m beat to what’s going on as there is no information about that issue
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We don't have any information to post at this time, which is why there isn't any - just know our team is aware of it and working to fix it. Thank you for your patience.

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