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DJM-900NXS frirst 2 minutes with big peaks

Hi mates, hopefully I may find here someone who suggest me a solution.
The mixer is booting and showing repetitive peaks for about 2 minutes (on speakers go like "tic tic" about twice a second, not very regular, then after about 2 min they start  drastically reducing and the led go to zero, the normal signal is working. If I activate the mic1 I can hear some tic tic but they reduces too.. till disappear.
THe mixer was working every day about 17 hours, so I suppose the condensers need to be substitute, it's really hard to do but I did with ones on the main board near the power connectors, for example C1201 was a bit "fatter", and seems the situation was slightly improved, the problem still now only the first 2 min and after it works.
It seems a problem connected with some other condensers, it looks that that "tick" is a reset of the ADC, maybe the CPU is expecting something from them and still waiting until receive. After 2 min the problem disappears and if I power off and on the mixer, it works ok.. but if I wait and power on again it shows it. What can it be? Thank you for help.

Thank you a lot for help

Barabba Furlan

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Unfortunately I have some difficulties in this forum, Firefox seems not working and I'm using IE, I can't past a link here, neither letters, I can only type manually.

Please search in YouTube:
Pioneer DJM-900 repair spikes noise

Thank you and sorry for the discomfort

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