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DDJ-RB Master Output and Headphones not working


I have a DDJ-RB and am currently using the trial version of rekordbox. My Macbook Pro runs macOS Mojave 10.14.5

My problem is, that my Master Output (see here in between the USB and the microphone) does not seem to be working. The same goes for the headphone jack on the front side. I can only use my internal speakers (or anything connected to the AUX-Output of my mac.

I have looked around the forums and the internet for a while now and thought that this might be the problem: Troubleshooting high sierra and later

After trying reinstalling multiple times, the driver is still shown as a disabled software and it doesn't work.:


I also thought I might have the same problem as this guy, but the "Follow the instructions here"-link doesn't work anymore.

Would it maybe solve the problem to completely reset my mac?

Might the Soundcard within the DDJ-RB be broken?

Are there any other ideas on how to solve the problem?



Thanks a lot in advance! (Hope I have chosen the right topic)

Niklas Schonscheck

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Try this link instead; the old one broke because the document was updated.

If you don't see the prompt, try using the uninstaller tool from within the driver installation package, reboot, then install, look for the security bypass, and you should be good to go.

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