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Recording set on rekordbox - weird limiting of signal

Hello, I use DDJ400 for my DJing and I want to record a set. But when I recorded one, I noticed one thing in Adobe Audition (image here)

I highlighted the place where I turned Pad FX on, and as you can see, waveforms have different peaks there. After using Pad FX it sounds "right" and a biiit cleaner

What is the problem and how can I solve it?

Valentine Khatuntsev

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Have you tried modifying the volume of the headroom?

Follow this route: preferences - mixer - output level - headroom

Something similar happened to me with the DDJ 1000 and after several headroom configurations in -9db it is how I better adjust the level of the FX and Pad FX.

Test also has edit parameters of the effects in the padFX, some sound very loud and modifying the parameter you will more or less adjust it.

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