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DJM - iOS 13 - More Info Please Pass to Engineers

Dear Pulse, 

I know this is a known issue and that this is being looked into. I simply wanted to share with you some info to see if you may please pass along to engineers that it may assist in troubleshooting and getting to the bottom of this. 

The iOS 13 issue is not simply with the DJM Rec. App. This is happening on any audio app. 

I have tested using an older iPhone 7+ connected via the USB connection to a DJM 450. 

The phone worked perfectly fine before upgrading to iOS 13. 

I was able to play music from:

Apple Music (For personal use at home). 

Several Synthesizer Apps. ie:

Synth One

Moog Model D

Moog Model 15 


But after the update, none of these will play audio after about a minute.

So it is not merely a DJM Rec app update which is needed... it seems to be an entire overhaul of the way that iOS 13 handles audio. 

I believe it may have something to do with the way iOS 13 now "multitasks" when it comes to audio and external connected devices. How it can now have multiple sources playing at the same time. I noticed this while connecting the phone to Apple Car Play and how before the phone screen and the display screen in an automobile would match - same apps open on both... always. If you switched over to an app on the carplay it would affect what was displayed on the phone screen as well. (ie. if you selected iMessage on the screen of the car it would switch to, and display iMessage on the phone as well)

But now on 13 you can can have music playing on the car (Apple Music app) and Voice Over setting enabled and reading to you on the phone from iBooks App at the same time... two different things being displayed and processed simultaneously... this was never possible before. 

Anyway... a lot of info, but I share this to help with the troubleshooting as I am concerned an update to DJM Rec is not the only thing that may be needed... I think Pioneer may need to relate to Apple that this is an issue across the board with audio processing on the new iOS period. 

Hope this helps!

If I can be of any help please let me know. 




Jason Cova



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Just an update:


 Please note these issues DO NOT occur when using an iPad Pro 12.9" Third Generation. 

This was tested while running iOS 13.1.3

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