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Rekordbox V5.8 AUTOGAIN is very good : LUFS measurements


Since Channel level meters of DDJ1000 are now ok with new V5.8, I've done some measurements of the Autogain and several HEADROOM :


The best to have -13/-14 LUFS (perceived sound, not like peak RMS), my best settings in Rekordbox :

Headroom - 3 dB / Autogain on (for analysed track) ( my settings)

But if you are afraid that effects assigned to the deck or main master add dB or saturate original track, you can set safe Headroom at - 6dB / Autogain (for analysed track)

i think - 9dB is to low for internal mixing.

Rekordbox : very good autogain at - 3dB/ -6dB of Headroom

Thanks Pioneer ! (But you have to fix for 5.9 or V6 the internal recording level that work only with an Headroom of - 9dB, an not with -3/-6 Headroom (Bug in 5.8 and past versions), anyway, i don't use internal recording.... i use virtual loopback cable as master out :) )

Thanks Pioneer for this very good audio engine : AUTOGAIN / LUFS





Olivier F.


Olivier Frappier

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Thanks for your analysis and feedback on that!

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i wasn't aware of that    thanx for pointing out :D

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Is there a difference in record quality with Rekordbox free and paid?

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