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Recordbox: How to Get Needle Drop Working in 5.8.0 / 5.8.1

Hi there,

I am having challenges getting Needle Drop working in my DVS setup. Mac mini/Mojave. DJM 900 NSX2. Relative Mode.

I am expecting with Needle Drop that the song will skip to the section of the song 'relative' to where the needle is placed on the record. Particularly the beginning of the record

Is it possible you need a proprietary DVS record?  Or am I just missing something?

Right now DVS mode works for me like CD mode and is a blocker from me continuing my subscription / purchase.

Thank you,




Kevin Scally

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if you want Needle Dropping than you have to use Absolute Mode, Relative Mode is the Software only using the Speed und Forward Reverse Positions for DVS Control, only in Absolute Mode the Position on the Vinyl of the Needle will be read

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