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Multiple outputs to different soundcards



Sorry for the newbie question, but currently I have the free Rekordbox version, and I am willing to buy the DJ version, with the DJ version, can I set the output of track 1through one soundcard driver, and the track 2 to another ? I have a DJM-800 and I am trying to do this, then I can mix both sounds in the mixer



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Sorry, rekordbox only supports a single audio device. You can aggregate them or use ASIO4ALL, but that would add some latency to the output.

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So, pretty much the only way I can actually play in a DJM-800 is using ASIO4ALL ? Cause I basically wanted to play from rekordbox (using it to substitute the CDJs) into a mixer, but I wanted to avoid the latency issue.

Do you have any other advices I could use rekordbox for this ? I love rekordbox interfaces and I didn't want to change to other softwares


Thanks for replying me btw


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