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Hot Button for Hazer/Smoke

Hello I use a Pioneer SP1 for Change my Lights in Color und Effects in Combination withe the RB DMX 1 

I change the Complete Midi Mapping for this use.

I Take the Buttons for change the Color und the Fader for the Dimmer ,some Buttons for Flash and Black out.

Now I have the Problem to Start the Hazer Beamz H2000 it is not possible to take some button in the Mapping (list) to Start the Hazer ,can you set it in the List ??for select a Button to direkt Start like fast -Mid-low 

userwise you can set a Selection in the Fixture Library behind the lamp Selection ...Light 1 ...Movinghead 1 so I can select a Smoke or Hazer 

So I can start it over the Mapping on the SP1 ... ,I think we need also a setting in the Light library to set it in the right Status " Moving Head/Effect/Light1/..... Hazer!!!! Smokemachine!!! this is not available at this moment

best Regards

Martin Jens  


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