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Stop overwriting of my meta-data (multiple genres)


In my normal music library software (MusicBee), I organise tracks which could fit multiple genres by separating the individual genres by using a semi-colon.

This results in the one track added to both genres, which is great. For example: when organised like "Acid; Techno", the track would be added to the genre "Acid" and "Techno".

Now when I analyse my tracks through Rekordbox, the genre is changed to "Acid Techno" (the semi-colon is now a space), which creates an entirely new, unwanted, genre.

I now have dozens of useless genres created by Rekordbox which are modified within the tracks. I have researched and there seems to be now way to properly analyse the genres as separate. 

How do I stop Rekordbox from modifying these tags while still analysing other properties like bpm and key?


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rekordbox does not currently support multiple-genre entries within that tag, so it merges them down. You could try using 3rd party tools to edit an XML list and convert the genre data to MyTag data, but unfortunately I can't provide instructions on doing that here.

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