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XDJ-XZ USB and Extension Link ports

Hello, happy 2020!


I'm thinking at XDJ-XZ but I have the next questions, basically if it works kind of the same as DDJ-1000, with the USB and Extension Link ports, also a question about the FX processors:


- can 2 computers be connected in the same time? e.g.:

1st PC - Extension Link port, Rekordbox, export mode, channels 3/4,

2nd PC - USB port, HID mode, other DJ software, channels 1/2?

- use USB stick(s) for channels1/2 and a PC with other DJ software, over USB port for channels 3/4;

- the 2 FX processors (Beat FX and Color FX) are working for all channels, including external sources for channels 3/4?


Thanks in advance!


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