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Emergency Loop Issue


I know there are already lots of posts about this issue, but after reading about a couple of dozen posts on this issue a little bit everywhere, I still haven't found a fix for my issue. Here's what's happening.

From time to time when I'm playing on my XDJ 700 or in a club on XDJ 1000 or 2000, when I load a new track, my other track goes into EMERGENCY LOOP and at that point, I can't do anything else, everything is frozen, the first track can't even load at all, the only thing I can do is reboot both CDJs and start over...

This is an issue that I cannot replicate, but one thing I've noticed is it usually happens the moment I'm loading a new track from a playlist with a lot of tracks (about 150+ tracks). When I play from a playlist I did for a specific 1-2hour set with 10-30 tracks then it never happens...

Now, I am not writing this post without having tried to fix this issue myself. I changed my USB drive about 3-4 times to check if that was the issue. It did this issue on every stick... Now I have a SAMSUNG BAR PLUS 64GB with 200MB/S READ/WRITE and it works wonderfully well, apart from that EMERGENCY LOOP that happens once in a while.

As I said, I'm DJing on multiple machines from XDJ 700 up to XDJ 2000 that are all updated to the latest firmware. That doesn't seem to be the issue as well.

I also tried to reimport and reanalyze all my library on Rekordbox eliminating any possible issues like lost files and stuff like that. That didn't fix it either, but I do suspects the issue coming from Rekordbox somehow... maybe some settings I don't know about. Let me know if you want the list of the settings that I import in my USB. 

So, after about 5 months of trying to fix it myself, I'm running out of ideas and I am kind of tired to retain my breath every time I load a new track hoping this issue is not going to come up. So I'm seeking for help from the community and the Pioneer team to see if there's anything else I can do to avoid this...


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most likely a corrupt file or bad/slow USB stick

don't know it there's anything out there that can bulk check your files?

might be worth noting the name of the file the next time it does it and check that later


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I'm having exactly the same issue with Samsung BAR (after being told these were the best USB sticks to use on CDJs) 


Have reanalysed, formatted, done everything I've read... Nothing fixes the random NOW LOADING and emergency loop. Any ideas on how to sort this then?

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