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Can I use a laptop speaker with rekordbox dj?

Hi! Im looking into buying my first controller (DDJ-400) and was wondering if i'd need to buy monitor speakers or whether I could use my laptop's speaker as it is very good. I was wondering if it is possible to have the output running through the laptop speakers while using the aux on the controller for headphones?
Im sorry if its a stupid question im new to everything :)

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Hi James - rekordbox allows for you to use what's called "PC MASTER" output mode where you select the DDJ-400 as your primary audio device, but you can then select whichever audio device is set as the default for your operating system (in your case, the laptop's speakers) as the secondary output. Even if you didn't have anything connected to the DDJ-400's outputs, you could use it for your headphone cueing, and the laptop speakers would play the master output audio.

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