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PLX 500 upgrade

Does it possible to upgrade MM to MC cartridge? yes I know the user manual has written this turntable is for MM but, I have AV receiver Denon S750 and Receivers user manual has written; (This unit is compatible with turntables equipped with a moving magnet (MM) phono cartridge. When you connect to a turntable with a low output moving coil (MC) cartridge, use a commercially available MC head amp or a step-up transformer.) so any chance to upgrade for using any third-party amps or converters and e.t.c. my PLX 500 turntable if it's not possible, please tell me what is the reason

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MC are more for the audiophile category; I'd say it's like putting $5000 racing tires on a Toyota Camry. You could do it, but it's probably not worth the investment. Any gains wouldn't likely be audible.

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