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add conditional search AND / OR in rekorbox

it would be great if we could in the collection search fields for example be able to use conditional search as AND / OR / NOT combined, like this for exemple :

"house AND garage OR acid NOT techno", or for exemple "disco OR FUNK NOT soul".

And the same thing for the inteligent playlist, we have no choice with the "+" it's "satisfy to all condition" or "any of them" but sometimes I need for exemple "OR" one condition, OR an other NOT other etc 

Mediamonkey soft do this kind of condition search and it's quite perfection !!! 

Many thanks :)

Sébastien Dolt Respondida

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Additional criteria for searching and intelligent lists have already been requested, but regrettably we're unable to keep you posted - please watch the rekordbox changelog to see if / when these changes are included.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Dear Pioneer technical team,


I totally agree : this feature would be very usefull for all Pioneer DJs.


Could you please kindly add it to the next roadmap and keep us posted ?


Many thanks in advance.

Mickael F. 1 voto
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Dear Pioneer DJ team,


Many thanks for your quick feedback.

Mickael F. 0 votos
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