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Moved Rekordbox Database and Music but lost hot cues and playlists.


Seems like there should be a simple fix for this, but I can't figure it out.

I bought a new computer and tried to move Rekordbox and all my music over to it. My hot cues and playlists are gone.

I went through many steps. Please bare with me through all this bs. I obviously made a mistake.

Here are the steps I took:

1. Inserted an external thumb drive into my old computer.

2. Found the location of all my tracks (C:/users/user/downloads) and copied (not moved) them to a folder in my thumb drive named "All tracks 2". When I buy tracks from Traxsource, Juno, etc, I download them and drag them directly from downloads into the Rekordbox "collection." That's why all of the tracks were located in "downloads".

3. Opened Rekordbox and moved the database to the thumb drive.

4. Removed the thumb drive and inserted it into the new computer. Windows 10. i7 6 core processor. Tons of ram.

5. Opened Rekordbox on my new PC.

6. Went to "Preferences"

7. Selected external thumb drive and moved database.

8. At this point, all of my tracks were showing in Rekordbox with all the hot cues and playlists. However, I don't want to keep the database on the thumb drive. I want to move it to the new computer.

9. Went back to "preferences" and tried to move the database to the C: drive.

10. All of my tracks disappear and so do the playlist.

11. So now, I decided to drag the entire database from the thumb drive and drop it into C:/users/myusername/music

12. Dragged (Moved) the entire "All tracks 2" folder from the thumb drive into C:/users/myusername/music

13. Closed Rekordbox. Removed the thumb drive and reopened Rekordbox.

14. At first, it said it couldn't find the database. Then it asked if I wanted to open it from the default location. I didn't know what to do, so I clicked "Ok".

15. Rekordbox opened with no tracks and no playlists.

16. I then imported every track from the "All Tracks 2" folder located in C:/user/myusername/music

17. All of the tracks are now showing and are fully analyzed and able to be played, but there are no playlists and no hot cues.

I"m dealing with 735 tracks and about 20 playlists. Rekordbox on my old computer now opens completely empty like I've never used it.

Please help.



Steve Mick

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Hi Daniel,

it sounds like you actually MOVED database in step 3 and simply SWITCHED database in steps 7 and 9.

When you MOVE database you cut/paste database from one drive to another, when you SWITCH database you simply select the database you want to be active.

In step 9 you switched to the internal empty database and your collection disappeared. Then you created a brand new collection and obviously there were no hotcues, no playlist.

That said, insert the thumb drive in the new computer, open preferences > advanced > database, you should still be able to SWITCH to the external database from the drop down menu in the white rectangle next to 'select a drive'. If so, you will see again your original collection with playlist and hot cues.

At this point I strongly suggest you a library backup before you proceed (let us know if you don't know how).

Then you can click on the black >> button in database management and the 'move database' button will appear. Click on that button to MOVE DATABASE from the external to the internal drive and you're done..

No.. you still have to relocate tracks.. mass relocate..

Ok. One thing a a time, let us know where are you now

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@Stephen > Pigi's already got you on the right road (thank you @Pigi!), so I'll wait to see what the reply is before adding anything else.

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Pigi thank you for the help. I was able to get stuff sorted but I had to do an extra step.

I put the thumbdrive in the new computer and tried to switch databases. The option to switch was not available for some reason. I guess the whole database wasn't on the thumb drive. I must have moved it instead of copying it.

So to fix this, I copied the database from my new computer and pasted it back into the thumbdrive, then closed Rekordbox.

When reopening Rekordbox, the option to "Switch" was available. I switched and suddenly all my hot cues and playlists were available. The tracks were also located....most of them. I'll get to that later.

Then, I was able to "Move" the database back to my computer. I removed the thumbdrive and all is well.

Phew! What a relief.

The only issue I'm dealing with now is gobs of missing tracks. For some reason, dozens of my tracks weren't in the collection that I moved into my new computer. I thought I had them all, but I guess not.

I think that on my old computer, the "Collection" in Rekordbox was pulling tracks from more than one location. I assumed they were all in "Downloads", but apparently they weren't.

So now I'm in my old computer relocating the missing tracks so that I can drop them in the "All Tracks 2" folder on my new computer and relocate.

It's going to take hours, but this is my fault for not using Rekordbox correctly when I first bought it. 

From now on, all new tracks are going into the "All Tracks 2" folder where they belong.

Your help has been excellent!

Thank you,

DJ Steve Mick

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